07 March, 2008

P A C K I T I N R E A L S M A R T ! !!!

I’m just now packing to go to Valencia with my mom for the next couple days and I started to understand how cool backpacks are. After many trips taken where I have had limited packing space and a destination where I spend at least 5 days living out of a bag on my back, one becomes a “smart packer.” I can say now that I am a smart packer; I pack smart to live smarter. Anyways this pack I have has lots of pockets and zippers everywhere. My favorite part is the top that has a large packing section and a secret stash area. The pack approximately can hold 4,000 cubic inches of cargo. I can fit 2 pairs for shoes, 3 pants, jacket, other stuff and 5 dogs (converts to roughly 14.5 cats) if need be. I like the waist belt and sternum strap. It’s a very sturdy Lowe Alpine pack and comes equipped with a torso fit system ARS5. I think of myself as a distant traveler being chased by Russian mobsters when I’m wearing it.

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