07 March, 2008


Well we're makin another pass at a datascape for some reason. I highly doubt we hit the nail on the head but maybe it'll at least be a little more well received. This time, we've decided to approach it like a presentation board, meaning instead of cramming as much data on it as we can, we're gearing more toward making it graphically sound. For every previous attempt, we'd been told we need more numbers, more "data to eat," but then every time we've presented, it's been too confusing. So finding the medium has been a real challenge. Here's the beginnings of datascape 4.0 or 5.0 (cant remember which)

Also, Georgia Tech was kind enough to hand us a very untimely loss last night (LAME). However, we're still 3rd in the ACC, and many of the ESPN analysts have declared us a lock for the Dance. So odds are in our favor, GO TIGERS!!

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