05 March, 2008

Bland on the outside and passionate on the inside.

Architecture in the Netherlands is amazing just like this trip. My favorite building from this trip was the La Defense by UN Studio in Almere. This building faraway looked like a typical office building that was plopped on the land, but taking a closer you could see what was so special about it. The building was split into two parts an E and a C that fit into each other creating a central walkway. The central part of the building was very colorful. The architect wanted to show how from the outside all businessmen look similar dress similar with tie and suit; very boring on the outside, but on the inside they are very colorful and passionate. With that the architect created the two interior fa├žades with colorful metal panel with coating that when looking straight at it it looked red, but as you started turning and walking the colors started changing showing how the different intensities of the businessmen.

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