05 March, 2008

Hecker & Aannika WHERE DID U GO????

The trip to Amsterdam was amazing and very relaxing. Sunday was our bike day and I was getting better. At least I thought I was until we started going head on into the wind. I would have to say I have not ridden a bike this intensely since about 6th grade. Some of our bikes first of all did not have gears; so we were pedaling non stop against the wind. After the fitness center we took off and I was doing good until about the time we turned into the neighborhoods. Then I got lost. I was following Natalie’s green jacket and Lauren, but then I got stopped at two red lights and it went downhill from there. Turning the corner I had no idea where everyone went. And I looked back and saw Lindsay all the way behind me so I decided to wait for her thinking why not be lost together. So after we got lost we went further ahead thinking we could catch up to them, but we had no idea and decided to wait instead and called Hecker, and waited at the fitness center in the cold for like an hour. If the wing wasn’t blowing it would’ve been fun. We just sat and talked and enjoyed ourselves. At the end we found everyone and everything worked out. It was a experience I will not forget on this wonderful biking trip!

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