04 March, 2008


I was sitting in studio today, listening to Juan Carlos tell us all the things that are to be redone for next Thursday's review, and an image something like this popped into my head. I played travel soccer for 8 years and at one point, we used these terrible resistance running harnesses to train. One person stands holding the end of the rope and pulls back, only moving very slowly, while the harnessed person runs as hard as they can. I started to realize this is exactly how I feel about this semester's project so far. My group has countless design ideas for buildings and plans, but it seems like we are in the harnesses being held back...still doing maps and datascapes. I thought at one point that the data stuff was a beginning to design, but with not much time left and a rather large project competition on the horizon, it seems like all we're going to have to turn in is some maps of Barcelona. I hope that after we come back from study travel and we really focus in on the competition aspect, that we will be able to actually use these design ideas we have come up with. That there will be sketching, designing, floor plans, sections, perspectives, form z(cant believe i said it) or rhino and all that goes along with finishing a semester with work you are proud to put in a portfolio and that we will finally be let out of these resistance harnesses.

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