06 March, 2008

The dutch!

First off my favorite thing about Amsterdam was that everyone spoke English there! To me it was almost like a nice reminder of home because not only did they speak English, they had American movies and products and some suburbs and things that we are used to seeing back home but dont see in Barcelona. I loved the Dutch people though because this seemed like the first place where they not only accepted the fact that large amounts of tourists were coming in but they welcomed it! Everyone I met there was so nice and asked me where I was from and what I was studying and were always extremely helpful. They also seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor as it seemed like there was always one trying to jump into one of our pictures or one playing off something we would say or do to each other.

I found dutch to be an amazingly complex language because I would see alkjfoeirlsdfnlskfjeirhsldkfn and wonder how in the world anyone could pronounce such long words with few vowels. I learned a few words though:
kaas= cheese
zes vier= six four
honkbal= baseball
bakkerjj= bakery
It may not be the most extensive vocab but considering dutch sounded like some made up language to me with a few english words thrown in I'm surprised I got that much since I am so bad with languages. It will be interesting to see how Germany and Italy goes when it comes to this.

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