05 March, 2008

bcn by the NUMBERS

61.....days i've been in bcn
51.....days of class completed
50.....days left until final dinner
98.....days until my flight home
4366.....miles from home
4462.....miles from clemson
2.....flights missed by chad in 24 hours
5.....combined flights missed by the group since arriving
2.....number of girls who have taken the wrong train to the airport (landing them in southern spain)
1.....time adam "rush" kerechanin has done laundry since arriving
4,678.....occasions jc has used the phrase "in a way" during studio time
37.50.....amount in euro, adam once paid for a redbull-vodka at a discoteca
20.....amount in euro, of a direct flight from bcn to rome in april
0.....number of spanish girls appearing interested in harry han's dancing ability
0.....number of girls i've been able to successfully carry on a conversation with in spanish
2....tram lines it takes brett to get to his rock climbing gym
460....hours chad has been planning/discussing with others how he will spend his independent travel
7....approximate amount of times jose has knocked on our door for being loud
7....approximate amount of times anyone has understood anything he has said after knocking on the door
5....approximate amount of times daily one can expect seeing a couple making out on the street
15.....distance in meters between our dorms and the 24 hour prostitute alley
1.....number of times Calvin had his phone stolen by a prostitute walking through that alley
1.....number of times Brett had his phone stolen by a 14 year old by walking through that alley
45....minutes ive spent creating this blog

1 comment:

Adam Kerechanin said...

Wait a second... is this my data card?? Maybe I'll steal these numbers for my next one.