05 March, 2008

It all started on a tuesday....

...last tuesday to be exact. It was to be a day that would spark a series of events more treacherous and consequential then I would know, and set the stage for a race around the insidious streets of Barcelona; a journey worse than Dante's travels through the pits of hell.

Flash back (insert flash back sound effect like "phewwwyooo") to Tuesday, February 26 MMVIII. It was a morning like any other review morning. I was up all night and freshly showered returning back to studio at 8 am to print. This left me two hours to print, however I forgot to bring my rabbits foot and horseshoe, and little did I know that this man named Murphy, he has some stupid law or something he came up with, was gonna come by for a visit. (hopefully he will call next time).
I opened the documents needed to be printed. I began pressing ctrl+p to commence impresoring. The printer makes a familiar sound and starts breakdancing on the table (you know that little side to side dance he does?). So out pops my first print, it looks good halfway out. Then, i feel a tap on my shoulder. Who is it? Well, Mr. Murphy of course. The print finishes with the second half being a completely different color palette than initial half. Good to see you too Mr. Murphy. Well, I continue trying to print the first page a couple more times. Nothing is working right. I start switching ink cartridges and trying different printers in order to get our Grade A project printed. I felt like I was trying to decode some sort of foreign jargon. ( where was my "little orphan annie decoder ring"?). Well this keeps happenin till Ramsey arrives with a fresh color cartridge. I thought we were home free like the Patriots heading into the superbowl this year. Hah! Nope. The printer tries to calibrate the color cartridge, however the test page comes out with a color palette that looks like Gumby threw up all over it. All greens. Well, to make a long story short, I tried to print for about 4 hours straight and got nothing done. we ended up projecting our presentation that day, however, JC wasn't present, which bought us some more time.

Insert Amsterdam Travel study. (another blog)

Flash Forward to the next tuesday morning (insert flash forward sound effect "PHOWERYOOO")

Katie "The Camaro" Grau and Stephen "Huevos" Eggl meet each other at 8 in the morning to print our stuff for JC's review that day. Now it gets interesting. The dynamic duo, walks to Parel-el, and enters the subway. Upon arriving at the platform, a sea of people emerges. "Wow", says I," there are a lot of people going to school this morning" We were heading to Zona Universitaria to print with the other UPC students headed to school. Well, we stand around for a minute or two, and then i noticed that the sign says that the line is not functioning. It ended up that something had happened with a train or something and the line was shut down. Great. Well, The Camaro and Huevos come up with a contingency plan that McGiver would be proud of. All we needed was a map and some ingenuity. We decide that get to the University we would take L2 to L5 to the Tram that ends up at the Univerity. It was like going around your butt to get to your elbow, but its all we would do. Well, I guess about um... 10,000 other students had the same idea because when we got to the crossover point for L5 the place was packed. Ha. No way. Well, insert contingency plan number 3. We ride to Sagrada Familia to try and catch a cab. By this time we are way further away then we need to be. So we start trying to catch a cab. This went on for about 20 minutes in which time we walked about 4 more blocks in the opposite direction of our destination and only saw one cab with a gleaming green light of freedom. However, he was headed the wrong way down a one way street, and was stopped. It was then that I noticed a familiar face in the back of the cab, Mr. Murphy! Dad gummit. Well, we eventually realize that there actually are buses in this city and we decide to interpret the bus map that previously looked like chinese to me. It ends up that 33 runs to the University. (insert Joey Broerman "WOOOOHHHOYAHHOO"). We hop the 33 and take a ride that seems like 17 hours to the University. It was only like 25 minutes, and it also allowed me to get my first glimpse of the coming onslaught of Celtic fans. Erroneous though. We get the print shop at like 1045 after playing a game of human frogger on the mean street of Diagonal. Well, in the end we made it to studio about on time and presented to Juan Carlos. It actually went pretty well.

Well, thats it, I think I officially have the longest post now. In Conclusion, I am buying a printer for my room. Thank you for your time.

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