05 March, 2008

Chad Bag call (Ses Vier SES VIER) !!!!

Dearest blog,

Amsterdam was probably one of the most fun trips I've been on in awhile. The excitement of getting away from school and Barcelona for a couple days was very enticing. We saw some amazing architecture, some a little different than what we've seen in Barcelona. We learned the Dutch style, and some of their characteristic forms in buildings.

We learned about the artificial land which the Netherlands is now comprised of. We also took a cultural break and hit up the red light district and some bars. All in all our tours were great. It was nice to put in a good work day 3 out of 5 days, and rest the other two. Our hotel was wonderful, and so was our time off to explore museums, like Van Gogh and the Anne Frank house.

Some of the funny events that Came out of this trip:

* Chad missed 2 of his flights to the Netherlands
* I almost missed our flight but took a taxi and arrived before everyone
* We realized Amsterdam was all the hype that people made it out to be
* Riding bikes against the wind is hard
* I found my brother Canard the duck
* It was so windy and cold out we felt like noobies.
* Chad bag was invented
* apparently 6464 is a hilarious word to say in Dutch....ses vier ses vier!!! (in a really loud, annoying, corny, accent)
* Ryan Ramsey talks in his sleep.

I hope I didn't forget anything. Oh yea, I lost my camera !!! That was a bad end to such a wonderful fun trip. I had alot of good pics on there too!! :( :( i guess we live and we learn... much peace love and happiness to all my classmates and friends, hope you don't go through what I did.

-Wash Owt

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