05 March, 2008

IN A WAY, we are not always what we show on the outside, NO?

Dearest blog,

The study of architecture in Amsterdam opened my eyes to a different style and approach to design. Most of the buildings we saw there were focused on facade and different textures, colors, and images, to project their significance. There were several buildings like this, and the Dutch way is the use of alot of different color. One building in particular i can remember the office edifice in Almere by UN studio was fascinating.

It had a greyish tint on the entire outside of the building, but when we walked to the inside courtyard, it was a bright reflective orange and red color. The architects did this on purpose, to display how an office worker has a plain business grey on the outside of his/herself, but on the inside their is a passion and playful side.

The facade of the inner courtyard is covered with a magnetic film which makes the walls change color according to the light and from which angle you look. The dual color and siding of the building give it a sexy quality, and made all of us look alot harder and closer at the detail of its skin. That's all for now folks

-Wash Owt

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