05 March, 2008

Hola canal!

so we just got back from amsterdam, which i will now refer to as "the dam". the dam...wat can i say about thee? breathtakin's bout all i can say right now...oh sure, the architecture was great...amazin, in fact...well, it was for me at least, cus the style there corroborated with my own so well...but for this post, that's bside the point...the life in the dam...amaaaaazin.
not only is everythin prty much legal in the dam, the overall atmosphere was ridiculously fun.
a couple of things i learned while on this trip to the dam...
1) calvin is actually related to the duck, or le'canal
2) the chad bag is a new invention by chad bro chill
3) if u walk down the street beatboxin and freestylin, ppl will look at u funny (although that's prob tru for everywhere else)
4) eggl rly likes le'canal
5) u inevitably end up takin a lot of pictures of ducks. y? i don't kno
6) carbonated water...wat's the point?
7) bartenders like americans
8) sense. this place makes none

well, that's bout all i hav for the dam.
harry han out

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