03 March, 2008

Necisito mas para review

Reviews in BCN are very different and laid back compared to rigid reviews back home. Today’s review consisted of research and predictions and pretty much no design. This was the first time I have had this type of reviews. It is interesting how our reviews are break-in up into. We have the research phase, the development/program and then the final design. I was very happy with how the first review went we had a good concept and all our data was related through colors of scheme and similar text. The only thing about today’s review that was questionable was the short time. Usually I love when reviews don’t last long, but I also would like an opinion from each critique especially our studio professor because he has seen our concept evolve and knows the most of each of us and our project. He would be the one to give us a more direct guidance or how to approach to the next step. I really wish our professor had more studio time for us (at least for us at reviews) so each group could be spoken to for further knowledge and advancement.

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