03 March, 2008


For the past couple of weeks the term datascape has been very confusing. What is it and how does one approach it. We worked through a series of potential datascapes, but as a group we still did not have a clear idea. The week before review (last week) became very stressful b/c we did not know what a datascape was and were thinking along the lines of the programmatic statement and we could not get anything done. The idea of this “oh so sacred” datascape is just so confusing. So with the advice of our studio professor we took a first shot at it and apparently it was not what was expected. After a long explanation last Thursday related it to “teletubies” (as Susan stated) and we started to get a clear idea (somewhat I guess). Who knew relating it to a teletubie would help us. So from this lecture we gathered that a datascape is a “excellent graphical representation of data and predictions which backs up your programmatic statement (what facts and figures will help back up your thesis)”. So going with this idea we went head strong Sunday night and all day Monday and pulled together a decent datascape that helped back up our programmatic statement 100%. So as of now a datascape helps synthesize the most important information on one document. The idea is cool, but very confusing and times.

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