04 March, 2008

same criteria, a 100 different facades

When we went to the Docklands in Amsterdam, I was shocked with the amount of architecture that I saw in there. I remember going back and sending my parents and email thanking them for giving me the chance to see all this. I was filled with joy.
West 8, the architecture firm that over took the project, supplied the master plan, and then different architects from all over the world started taking on a small house in that neighborhood and design their own vision of it. The result was a large number of small houses, 160 meter square each, each designed differently. The amount of materials, ideas and architectural approaches seen in that site are overwelming.
in my own words, I'd say, that place to an architect is like a candy shop to a hungry kid :D

The image is to follow, its not letting me upload it from studio.

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