06 March, 2008

THINKING ABOUT WRITING about thinking (about writing)

I've been thinking- about group work, datacards, blogging, etc. And what I've concluded is that.... I THINK TOO MUCH! In both group and individual projects, we've developed good interesting concepts, but I have not yet been able to capatalize on my thoughts. For some reason, there's a huge barrier between my mind and the paper... part of it's the computer (everything I do on the computer comes out with less flow, feeling, and emotion. There's just too much rigidity especially when you haven't worked it out on paper first), and part of it's Barcelona (plenty of influences for work, but too much distraction for me). Regardless, I'm determined to produce something really well produced. Right now, it's just well thought out. After talking to Juan Carlos, I basically got the job of translating our group's research into graphics. I'm really excited about the process we're onto, representing local population densities, tourist densities, transportation hubs (locals vs. tourists), popular destinations, and economic classes merely as clusters of pixels. Too bad this is easier said than done....

My thought process: break pixels into several parts comparing tourist vs. local. Locate main transport hubs as pixels on a map and branch out from them . Create a series of pixelated zones, the most important will be clustered, and where significant information is lacking, the page will be blank.... hmmm, I THINK I'm onto something, but I'm still having trouble starting. Anyways, I also tried looking at some precedent for ideas, and there's a grafitti artist I knew about called SPACE INVADER. Basically he posts pixelated mosaic images of characters from SPACE INVADER onto buildings, and more interestingly, creates tour maps so you can find each piece of art throughout the city. In the end, his process of mapping didn't help me too much, but it's definitely worth looking at: http://www.space-invaders.com/gmap.html

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c r o m i e said...

That guy had a piece under that bridge by the Goog.