06 March, 2008

Hey Harry, you're Asian!

11:48 am.

Harry's sitting in front of me playing with his toothpick.

JC has just entered the classroom 48 minutos late, the internet in studio is in and out making working here absolutely useless for research purposes, and someone drank all my green tea (it was probably me) so I had to go and get some more.

On a good note, my plane leaves for Italia at 15:00 and I will get to finally hang out with my best friend and my long-lost LArchies, needing more green tea lead me to grabbing a nanner and some fresh air, I have finished enough data cards to last me through next week, and I have been piddling away at case studies.

My month of March is going to fly by with all the travelling that will occur, and I am ecstatic and thoroughly excited about all of this. Amsterdam one weekend; Italia this weekend with Jen (slowly conquering Europe, one country at a time...) and my LArchies; Germany the following with Jen; then Czech Repub and Austria with Jen; and then... Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera to finish off my month with gardens and watching Valentino Rossi kick arse on his bike. Thoroughly excited and I'm getting kind of stir crazy here in Barca. I am very aware that there is going to be plenty of work to be done, but I've already started to try to get ahead finally.

Living in Espana, my time-management skills have not worked to my advantage at all. Especially not when you have three projects with group work, as well as work for one of these three classes that needs to be done individually. Makes life tough. But, if I can get ahead with the individual items, I feel that I can give my full attention to group time and maybe not pull so many all-nighters. I have never pulled so many in my life as I have pulled this semester... not for studio. Good luck to all of our studio groups though, when we need to be up all night because we are not allowed in studio between the hours of 22:00 and 8:00, as of sometime when we were in Amsterdam. This is a loss of 10 hours x 400% of group work where we cannot work altogether in a group and still have access to the internet or a scanner or a printer or our resources aqui. Good one, studio gurus.

45 minutos before we make like a tree and leaf...

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