06 March, 2008

Hey Katie, ur Caucasian!!

katie is sittin across from me drinkin the green tea that i should b drinkin.

well, sittin in studio (in a way) tryin to finish up my datacards. it's gettin more and more difficult thinkin of things that i wanna do my datacards on. it's not that there aren't a lot of things goin on, it's just the format and theme of my datacards r limitin the things i can "datacard" bout. so now i'm reduced to doin my last datacard on the difference of wind strength in barcelona and "the dam". i kno, lame, but it's simple enough to go with the rest of my cards, so it's wat i'm gonna settle on. i just hope that i don't completely run out of data to do data cards on bfore this semester is up.

sorry wash, i hadoukened another canal to make peking duck...me and eggl r slowly takin out all ur brothers

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